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  •  High Volume Production
    High Volume Production
    Whether you need a few hats or to outfit your entire company - we are here to serve you.
  • Profit with Embroidery
    Profit with Embroidery
    Come to the EmbroideryFX Training Center and learn how to maximize your profits!
  • Quality Custom Apparel
    Quality Custom Apparel
    Sanmar is the exclusive apparel provider for EmbroideryFX
  • Custom Embroidery
    Custom Embroidery
    One-stop shop for professional digitizing and embroidery
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Embroidery Training

Whether you are new to embroidery, just opening a shop, or have years of experience, we have a training program for you

Embroidery Services

We offer the highest quality digitizing available all through our in-house staff located in Chattanooga, Tennessee!

For over thirty years EmbroideryFX has offered it's customer unsurpassed quality, service and products. Our customers look to us for great quality and incredible service.  We try to deliver on these expectations every time.

We believe that your satisfaction should be guaranteed and we are here to serve you!  


  • This class with Melanie was so informative and yet so comfortable. She broke everything into concise lessons that were clear and easy to understand. Every part of the class included hands on assignments with opportunities to ask questions and get all the help that was needed. I loved to personal touch that Melanie and Steve provided with their personal stories that related to the business and made everything seem so doable. I left the class feeling that I could move forward and make a success of my machine embroidery business. 
    Linnette, .
  • I just wanted to thank you for the knowledge that you shared during your classes at the Atlanta sewing expo this past week. I attended four of your classes and thoroughly enjoyed every single one. Your enthusiasm for embroidery is absolutely contagious! As a beginner in the vast world of embroidery, I realized that I have so much to learn. I am truly excited about the endless possibilities! Thanks again for your encouragement and time.
    Lydia, .
  • Believe it or not, I'm sitting here looking over a design I digitized last nite!!  Patty and I had a WONDERFUL time and it was all worth it.  We learned so much. We are going to put it all to use and work everyday on what we learned.  We had  wonderful classmates, everyone was so nice and enthused about the whole school.  I must say you are a great teacher, that, along with been a great digitizer and embroider, is your calling. 
    David & Melanie, .
  • I was raised to hand write and send thank-you notes through the mail, but my gratitude simply cannot wait that long. Thank you, thank you for making the trek out to Fresno last week. I was there on Friday sitting up front on your far left, bouncing up and down in my seat. You did for me what you told us you could do if we would just listen; you changed my life. I left AVS on Friday evening so energized, so enthusiastic and with such a vision of what I want my business to be that I couldn’t (as you predicted) sleep much that night. There is no adequate way to thank you for all that you have done for me and my business.
    Melanie Allen, .