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Pressing Pads

Custom Pressing Mats:  Need custom sizes?  No problem!  Simply trace us a pattern and send to 3444 Ringgold Road, Chattanooga, TN 37412 or call us with exact measurements.

Perfect Pressing Pads

Your Price ONLY: $79.99
SKU: EFXPP 14x14&6x6, Set of two sizes 14x14 and 6x6

Perfect Press Pressing Pads for the ultimate in professional looking results.  Use for heat setting embroideries, quilt piecing, and pressing.

These specially formulated pressing pads were created to build memory into embroideries as you heat set them.  This helps eliminate "curling" of the finished embroidery. 

Quilters and embroiderers alike, enjoy the heat absorbing qualities which press both sides of the fabric at once. Reduce pressing time and create professional results.  Place these mats on a flat moisture resistant (if steaming) surface.   Steam or dry heat can be applied.  Watch the professional look your fabric takes on as you press, using either a hand iron or heat press.  Great for pressing quilt pieces, heat setting embroideries, or pressing seams open.  Buy one for your shop, for you and your friend. 

Perfect Press Teflon Sheets

Your Price ONLY: $24.95
SKU: MPPTEF1515-77

Melanie's Perfect Press Teflon Sheets are sold separately or designed and custom sized to compliment the Pressing Pad Set 1.

Use these Teflon sheets to protect your work surface from adhesives.  Avoid adhesives from sticking to your iron surface or work surface.  These Teflon Sheets are made to endure heat temperatures up to 420 degrees. 

For hand irons you will use a heat setting around the cotton or lower setting. 

Pressing Pad Set 1

Your Price ONLY: $159.95

Melanie's Perfect Pressing Pad Set 1 is custom cut for Baby Lock and Brother multi-needle machines.

This pressing pad set is custom cut for Baby Lock and Brother hoops (4) which come with the multi needle machines. 

If you have ever pressed on an 8x8 sheet of fusible stabilizer, then hooped it, embroidered it and then tried to get the excess fusible stabilizer off, then this set if for you!  These pressing pads are designed to slip into the hoop where you press only the middle part which is to be embroidered inside the hoop.  Save time, money and waisted garments trying to get the excess off.  Fuse only where the pressing pad fits!  (Hoops not included)