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Embroidery Training

The Embroidery Training Studio was opened seven years ago to assist others in achieving maximum results with their embroidery work.  Whether you are new to embroidery, just opening a shop, or have years of experience, we have a training program for you. It is an intensive program but we have fun every step of the way!

Various digitizing techniques are taught regardless of type of software used.  Including digitizing, regardless of software owned, proper hooping techniques, hooping difficult items, proper placements and various tools of the trade. Learn various techniques from applique and monogram applications to sewing on the most difficult of fabrics.  We intend to train you on the correct stabilizers, threads and needles to use to make stitching orders a breeze.  When it comes to creating embroidery, rejects are not an option.  Join Melanie as she shares over twenty years of information on running a successful embroidery shop. Her stories inspire, and motivate you to be the best embroiderer possible. 

Below are a few of the topics covered during this intensive 4 day training:

The course is designed to cover the elements of embroidery such as digitizing, hooping, stabilizer, editing designs and much more! Students will leave with a wealth of knowledge about the embroidery process from start to finish.  Learn in a working environment!

Melanie Coakley was trained by the best embroidery digitizers in the world and took their knowledge and turned it into a successful digitizing business.  She was inspired to learn both the technical skills and passion for creating beautiful digitized designs.  While much has changed in the way of fabrics and equipment,
the hard and fast rules she learned from the masters, show in her designs and how they stitch, look and feel.  She carries on the tradition of quality training, which includes understanding stitch types, push and pull compensations, pathing, stitch directions, densities and how they apply to fabrics of today. 

It starts with proper hooping techniques, thread and needle selection and proper equipment.  From there we discover, techniques like applique, tackle twill and cap embroidery.  Understanding fabrics and how to properly stabilize is essential.  From lined garments, to those that have embroidery pockets.  Understanding all the elements that it takes to create award winning embroideries is what training is all about.

Knowing where to embroider on a garment can make or break your end results.  Learn the easiest way for getting things straight and techniques for placements almost anywhere on a garment. Learn how to be a trendsetter with new and unusual placements and embroidery techniques

Pricing for Profit
Today many are striking out in a new cottage industry from their home or starting a new business.  Knowing what to charge and how to charge for your services is essential whether you want to make money, buy more equipment, or just support your embroidery habit.

Learn how to be the best and make money enjoying what you love to do.  With over twenty five years of sales and marketing experience, Steve Coakley teaches you how to keep customers loyal and coming back time after time.  Creating loyalty based on quality products and services is a win-win scenario for you and you customers.  Learn  proven techniques which keep customers coming back!

Cost to Attend
Class fee is 250.00 per day for 4 days of instruction.  There is an additional 50.00 materials fee for the samples, supplies and misc items we do in the four days. 

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